Monday, December 01, 2008

Santa Love Is Back In Business!!!

If you've been following the blog for awhile, then you know about Santa Love.
If you don't know about him, I suggest you read his personalized blog back in 2007.
December 15th to be exact.

The short story is that a friend of mine, Bethann, purchased him when she lived in New Orleans for a friend who lived in California. She never got it to him. Then, Hurricane Katrina hit. She lost everything. When she went back to check on her life, one of the ONLY things to survive was Santa Love. She hangs on to him for years. Then, we meet, and she discovers my desire to Griswold-up my house at Christmas time. She brings me Santa Love to work one day and knows that he will find a good home with the Jenkins. And so it is - The Miracle of Santa Love.
OH! But this year, Bethann, stopped by my new business holding a black piece of plastic. She found it. Santa Love's pipe. She thought it was gone, but all we have to do now is remember where we put it and glue it on to put him all back together again.

Last year's story is much better. So, check it out.

When people stop by during this time of year, we always insist on everyone getting their picture made with Santa Love. So, stop by this season for the sighting of a real survival miracle.

This year we won't be home during the week of Christmas, so we've decided with everything we have going on....we're not going to pull out all the decorations. Scrooge, Grinch....maybe. Or an attempt to keep what's left of my sanity. However, Santa Love is out. He's going to be the bearer of the gifts this year instead of a tree.

It's all you, Santa Love!
Keep checking back for people who stop by to get their picture made with the one and only - Santa Love.

Jonathan, Callie, and Josiah - the first ones this year!!

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