Friday, December 18, 2009

Life Happens

Life Happens......and then, we blog. Or so it seems! There has been a lot happening and yet again the ole blog gets pushed aside. Hopefully, with some minor changes I'll give the blog more attention.

This is Kari typing. Some of you will be proud that I deactivated my Facebook account, and some may be bummed. I feel like I am trying to juggle too much stuff. So, I decided to simplify my technological communications a bit. Honestly, I ended up spending more time snooping than needed.
There are a few people I miss talking to; it was a quick and easy way to make plans. But for now, I haven't missed it enough to go back.

Since our last blog, my brother got married. He married a lady named Mandy. We actually went to high school together. She's a year older, but I remember her. They reconnected, and voila. That's my simple version of what can be told very romantically, but I'm trying to type fast before River is bored with his toys.
They got married on October 30th at a Bed and Breakfast in Charleston, SC. They live near Charleston and had a very sweet ceremony. Of course, the jack of all trades, my hubby, videotaped and sang at the wedding. I told him if he lacked talent like me then he wouldn't be called on for special occasions. I'm just kidding. He is an amazingly talented man that seems to be able to do everything. And for that I have a little healthy jealousy.

After the wedding, we took River to see Mama Ocean for the first time. It was a little chilly and at sunset, so it was a short trip. I wish everyone could have seen his face as we walked over the dunes. The sound alone brought smiles.

River's first Halloween was experienced as a Road Trip back from the wedding. The cowboy wrangled and rodeoed all the way from Charleston to Atlanta.

I had my first birthday as a mom on November 6th. It was spent much like the others: dinner at Gojo Ethiopian Restaurant. But this year I had a cute little boy helping me with presents.

The following weekend our dear friends and self-proclaimed devil-parents of River (the godparents were already taken), Logan and Becky, wed in Nashville at a home in East Nashville.

Thanksgiving was spent with The Boyz (River's godparents) which is the norm. Choyer's mom, Janice, is always a beam of light at the festivities. This year we added my parents to all the fun. Ryan and I have determined over the years that Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday. We spend all day cooking and hanging out! Truly it is not stressful, and we get to just chill out all day and then dine on an abundance of home cooking.

River had his first guy friend come over for a play date. River and Frank were hilarious to say the least. I think the two boys were already up to no good. In the first picture, it looks like Frank is saying, "What?!! Come on."

At the beginning of December, I assisted in a birth. I'll do a separate blog for that. And of course, Christmas merits it's own blog too.

River is so much fun these days! Having him in our lives is like falling in love every day. It's such a rush of love and excitement complete with its moments of sheer frustration. But He Is So Adorable!! We can't get the little booger (other names that we've grown fond of...Doodles, Love Muffin, Stinker Butt, River J) to crawl, but he'll hold our hands and walk all through the house all day. I think he may totally skip crawling.
He has an unbelievable affinity for Elmo. He has a little one he sleeps with and takes everywhere. Anything ELMO...He has one that kisses and tells him that he's Elmo's sweetheart, a book that pops up, his disposable diapers, and a hooded towel. Anywhere he sees Elmo...the biggest grin comes across his face and he giggles. Today we were at the grocery store, and we passed a soup can with Elmo on it. That's all it takes. He is so impressionable these days. He gives us open mouth kisses, claps, waves, and we are working on high fives.

Ryan is at what I call Ranger Preschool right now. During the week, he is at training at a State Park about an hour away. He's learning Emergency Medical Responder, firearm training, and Park Ranger Basics. He comes home on the weekends, and I love Friday afternoons. Absence has definitely made the heart grow fonder. In February, he'll go to what I call Ranger Kindergarten. He'll be there during the week until April. We have 15 weeks left of all of this mess. I know because we created one of those paper chain links to count down for his full-time return. If it weren't for my parents, I would be going even crazier...possibly insane. I am even more greatful for them now. I'm sure Ryan will do a blog about his training. What I just shared is the wife version.

Thanks for hanging in for the blog's entirety. Hope you enjoyed the stories and the pictures. Until next time...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

First Love

Could it really happen?!! Could River fall in love with my bestfriend's daughter? Would that not be high school bestfriends' dreams come true?! Yes, I know Emi Kate is 2 1/2, but as they get older - she could be a "cougar." Or will their new baby due in January be the one that steals River's heart? I'll have to pin my hopes on Emi Kate because that's all I have to work with now.

Amanda, Heath, and Emi Kate came up for a visit a couple of weeks ago. It was so much fun to have my bestfriend from high school and her family hanging out with us. We had loads of pure enjoyment watching River interact with Emi Kate. It was like he knew...she's a tiny human like me. He thought everything she did was funny. She would roll a ball, and he would crack up which would lead her to do it more. They were very entertaining! I loved watching the spawns of the dynamic duo (Amanda and Kari) playing together. There were times where I could see us in them.

I quite enjoyed having them here, and it made me miss the Ashworth family even more. Here are some pics...

"Shhhhh, Baby!"

"I think she's into me."

"Will you be my girl?" HIGH FIVE!!

"I'm going in for the smooch."

"She likes to cuddle."

Blog Neglect. River Update.

We have been crazy busy lately! Therefore, our blog has suffered the consequences of neglect.
So, just to fill in the blanks, here is a little update of River.
He is wonderful and he is growing like crazy! That just about covers it.
He wants to crawl but can't figure it out. He wants to walk, but can't keep his balance. He talks in baby talk all day long and is getting louder and louder the older he gets.
He loves to play and be tossed around and tickled alot...who doesn't?
He loves his mama, but is getting around to wanting his daddy a bunch to play.
He doesn't know physics yet, but he is eating alot of people food. We (meaning mostly Kari) put veggies and fruits in the food processor and turn them into mush and then freeze it in these ice trays. When it is time for him to eat, we just throw a couple cubes into the pot and warm them up...voila!, baby food. He loves it. He grunts and growls and kicks and yells when he is eating. I think he is trying to say "GIVE ME MORE!". I am teaching him to say please and be patient. I'll let you know how that goes.
We go to the doctor next week for his 9 month check up. Hopefully everything charts out as normal.
Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure;