Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Worst Bloggers EVER!

OK. So we admit it - We Are The World's Worst Bloggers! One day I'll think, "Hey, I should write about that." But then, something usually comes up and we don't. After a couple of times of that, then you think that you've got too much to write. We'll try and get better.
Right now we're anxiously awaiting the season premiere of Saturday Night Live...the perfect time to try and blog.

We sold our house within 1 week, and moved into Nashville at the end of November. We're now living in a 1960s ranch that we've started to work on. Ryan refinished the hardwoods underneath the carpet in the living room the first week we moved in. Now, we're tackling the main bathroom (luckily, we have one more in the basement). We took tiling classes at Home Depot and tiled the bathroom floor. We're waiting for more tiles to come in, so we can do the shower wall. We've got lots more to do!

Tiling at 3 A.M with a Cold

My parents and brother came to visit a few days before Christmas. Ryan got sick, so he was out of commission for the entire visit. We had a nice time seeing each other for the holidays. This was our first Christmas by ourselves where we didn't travel to see family. We spent it with friends this year here in Nashville. After Christmas we traveled to Virginia to visit Ryan's family. We enjoyed shackin' up with MawMaw and PawPaw and taking time to be with Ryan's family because we don't get to see them that often. We thought we were going to have to leave Chaco with MawMaw and PawPaw because they became so attached. If they weren't attached, they all did a good job of pretending. We were only there for 4 days, and we could have used another day or so to visit.

Christmas Eve with Friends

Chaco on Christmas Day

I'm loving my new job at Practical Massage Therapy. I picked up another day beginning in January.
We had a bird in our house. Ryan had to come home and rescue me from being attacked!
We're excited about our trip to Alaska in June. That's all Ryan can think about!!
Except for his new inversion therapy. He has this thing that he hung in a door frame. Every chance he can get he straps his "special" boots on and suspends himself upside down. He has degenerative disk disease and bad back pain, and this helps stretch him out and give him some relief.
Ryan upside down

I'm still working on my infant massage certification. I'm going to Atlanta soon to snag a couple of friends for my practicums. How cool is that?!! I get to see some close friends and teach them how to massage their babies and communicate through touch.

We'll try to blog more often and keep everyone up to date with The Jenk Adventure!!!