Sunday, October 30, 2011

In The sun

  What better to do than lay in the sun on a good morning!  That's how we started out Wren's third day of life. River is just now starting to get use to the fact that he has a little brother. We're just now getting use to the fact that we have a second child! As we get used to this new way of life, we will update the blog more.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Wren Outlaw Jenkins

Well, another little man has entered this world!  On October 27th 2011 at 9:20 PM, Wren Outlaw Jenkins was born.  7 pounds, 4 ounces,  19 inches long,  and healthy as they come.
Kari was a champ and did great throughout labor.  I will let her get into the details here in a couple of days, but man it feels good to be a Daddy of 2 now! 
I will be up all night, because here at the birthing center they like to have someone stay awake and watch the baby, and believe me, Kari needs her rest tonight.
I am sure we will be putting up a bunch of pics soon.  But until then I will put up some from Kari's phone.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Walkin this baby out

Now that we are almost at 39 weeks, Kari has started walking alot, trying to get our baby moved down.  So we have been taking all kinds of jaunts in all kinds of weather.

The great day!

Today was a great day!  It started off sleeping in late.  Then a trip to the zoo was in order.  After that, a few errands, a healthy hamburger for lunch, then home for a nap.  After our short nap (River didn't want to sleep), we headed to our garden for some much needed preparations for winter.  Now, at the moment, we are making italian sausage samiches and potatoes soup for dinner.  We plan to go to home depot after dinner and get a snack somewhere while we are out enjoying the crisp autumn evening air!  A great day indeed!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Punkin' Carvin'

Tonight we carved pumpkins with the Sam's!  A yearly tradition since... well, as long as I can remember being in Nashville.  Now that we have children, it adds a whole new level of family fun. 
We used to get extremely creative with our designs, our pumpkins looking like cartoon characters or artful masterpieces.  Now, as we try and keep three children from playing with the knives or eating the pumpkin guts, the designs have become much simpler and quickly done.  Still though, the fun and care are carved right into every pumpkin. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Music & Molasses Festival

After I got off work today we went to the music molasses festival.  River got to have his first funnel cake!  He did a better job licking the sugar off of it though.  I got to eat the leftovers.  We bought some sorghum syrup, because Kari wants to make some soft sorghum cookies after the new baby is here.  Kari also met some quilters who tried to convince her to join a quilters guild.  I told her she could do it and her "free time"...  It was a good time had by all!

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Let's Go Fly A Kite!

We repeatedly sing "Let's Go Fly a Kite" in our house from Mary Poppins, River's favorite movie right now. Yesterday I was resting while Ryan and River played with sidewalk chalk, and Ryan came running in the house, "Where's the kite?" We've been waiting for the perfect day to take River to fly his own kite instead of watching Jane and Michael Banks fly theirs. What makes the perfect day to fly a kite? Sunny, Windy, and we were all home at the same time!!

We all threw on some clothes, and to be honest, none of us had brushed our hair or our teeth, but we went on our first kite flying adventure!! River had fun flying his kite....for about 15 minutes, and then the field of grass won over. I think Ryan and I had more fun kite flying! All in all great success for our first kite flying adventure as a family.

Here are some videos of our kite flying:

A Potluck Blessing For Baby J

Last Sunday, some of our friends gathered together to celebrate the new Baby J! Jamina and Lauren hosted a wonderful Blessingway for us. We had a Yummy Vegetarian Southern Meal, and I can't believe we didn't take any pictures of the food. It was so good!!!

We hung out and talked and had so much fun with our closest friends, our tribe!!

Everyone spent some time doing Henna on my belly, and dear Logan, once again offered the blessing of an orgasmic birth. He offered it with River, and it was a very joyous and pleasurable birth but without the O Factor. Hopefully, this time...

Our friends gave us a fountain, and they each brought a small rock to put in it. They wrote a blessing for our family on a piece of paper, and now the fountain is in our bedroom. What a special gift?!! Our friends brought rocks from their home, their personal rock collections, and our trip to Alaska. We'd like to extend it to our family and friends that weren't able to be there. If you have a small rock and a blessing that you'd like to give our family and the new baby, we'd love to add it to our fountain.

It seems like when we're pregnant we have a song. Ryan says it's like when you're dating. When we were pregnant with River, we would listen to the song Winter Song. It's in our blog archive when our belly photos with River play. We've had a song this time too! It's been Your Song by Elton John. Ryan played and sang it at the party.

We had a wonderful time, and we felt so honored and loved!