Saturday, October 01, 2011

A Potluck Blessing For Baby J

Last Sunday, some of our friends gathered together to celebrate the new Baby J! Jamina and Lauren hosted a wonderful Blessingway for us. We had a Yummy Vegetarian Southern Meal, and I can't believe we didn't take any pictures of the food. It was so good!!!

We hung out and talked and had so much fun with our closest friends, our tribe!!

Everyone spent some time doing Henna on my belly, and dear Logan, once again offered the blessing of an orgasmic birth. He offered it with River, and it was a very joyous and pleasurable birth but without the O Factor. Hopefully, this time...

Our friends gave us a fountain, and they each brought a small rock to put in it. They wrote a blessing for our family on a piece of paper, and now the fountain is in our bedroom. What a special gift?!! Our friends brought rocks from their home, their personal rock collections, and our trip to Alaska. We'd like to extend it to our family and friends that weren't able to be there. If you have a small rock and a blessing that you'd like to give our family and the new baby, we'd love to add it to our fountain.

It seems like when we're pregnant we have a song. Ryan says it's like when you're dating. When we were pregnant with River, we would listen to the song Winter Song. It's in our blog archive when our belly photos with River play. We've had a song this time too! It's been Your Song by Elton John. Ryan played and sang it at the party.

We had a wonderful time, and we felt so honored and loved!

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Talina said...

:) You did it mama! I knew you would. Can't wait till that little ones joins us... but not hoping for an early arrival. Hugs!