Friday, September 30, 2011


It ain't no secret that River has a soft spot in his heart for Mary Poppins. Sometimes he runs around the house pretending to be Bert dancing on a roof. So what a better Halloween outfit than a chimney sweep! They don't sell many chimney sweep outfits and even less chimney sweep brooms for children. So we went about making our own. Here are some photos. I'm sure we will put up some pics of River after the 31st so everyone can see what a 2 year old chimney sweep looks like.

He was all into the glue guns

The straws made funny noises

It was raining outside, so we had to spray paint the broom under the carport

You will have to wait and see the finished product after Halloween. In the meantime...let's splash around in the rain!

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing our cute little chimney sweep.Looking forward to seeing y'all on Halloween. Hope you will be able to come to Spring Hill. Love, Neem and Pappy