Saturday, March 03, 2007

February Is Over!!

February is over, and honestly we're kind of glad.

We had a lot going on this month. My Infant Massage Instructor Training is finally in the mail. Now, we go through the grading process, but the hard work is completed! I ended up taking a few days off of work to visit with my family and grandmother. While I was there, I spent some time doing some practicums for my Infant Massage stuff with some college roommates.

Ryan and I threw a couples baby shower in Cave Spring, GA for my bestfriend from high school, Amanda. And I also made a special trip down there for a photo shoot I gave her for Christmas. I've seen the pictures, and they are amazing! Now, my bags are getting packed, and I'm awaiting "the labor call." Yes, I'm a few weeks ahead of schedule, but our friend, Melanie, went 4 weeks before her due date. She caught us all off guard, so I'm just attempting to be calm and prepared for the occasion.

We finally finished our bathroom this month!! Two and a half months of slaving on the bathroom, has turned out to be all worth it. It is much, much better than when we first moved in. We tore out the sink, toilet, floor and shower walls. We tiled the floor, then put in a new plastic shower wall. We were not satisfied with the new wall so we decided to tear that down and cut out the wall and install a tile shower wall. It looks great! We then painted, put in a new shower head, put in new shower faucets and handle (which took some plumbing work!! That was fun!), put in one of those curved shower rods, a new toilet, and a new vanity/sink. It was quite the job...but we are pleased. We still have a couple minor decorating things to do, so when that is done this week, we will take some before and after photos and post them here.

From one project to that we are done with the bathroom, we are going to start tearing up the kitchen floor today. We decided that if we didn't start it now, we would never get around to it!

We are frantically awaiting our trip to Alaska in June, and the Motorcycle riding season has begun, so the excitement never ends for us!

Since we are such good bloggers (can you hear the sarcasm?) we've also started up a Myspace page. It seems to be an easy way to keep in touch with friends we can't see alot. For any of you that has a Myspace page, come see us and add us as a friend!

We hope everyone is doing well and we'd love to hear what is going on in all of your worlds.