Monday, December 05, 2011


I know Halloween was a couple of months ago, and at our house, Christmas is in full swing, but there are a couple of Zombies walking around this house right now! Raised from our slumber every night, or kept awake late, we are slowly learning how to keep two children happy on very little amounts of sleep.
The mad scientist who is responsible for the Zombies creation is this small, one month old little boy. Wren doesn't look the part of a mad scientist. Mostly he just lacks the white lab coat, but besides that, he is a perfect match for a Dr. Frankenstein type. He has worked in his secret lab, concocting up any and every way to stay awake or to wake up as many times as possible throughout the night. Also, while asleep, he likes to growl and grunt and snore and coo as loudly as possible to prevent any Zombies from changing back to their normal human form throughout the night.
As Zombies, our only weakness is a pouty, jealous two year old lip from a child who doesn't always grasp that the attention is not fully on him and that he is having to learn the virtue of sharing the Zombies time with the person who created the Zombies in the first place. A rough lesson for a two year old, no doubt, but one that River is taking with apparent grace beyond his age.
The twist in this classic Zombie tale, is that the Zombies are head over heels in love with both the one month old Mad Scientist and the two year old Zombie Slayer. We are loving every minute of this new adventure and we really don't care walking around the day like two of the un-dead. We keep our identities as Zombies hidden by scheduling a shower every once in a while and putting on a clean outfit. Most Zombies eat people, we just eat snacks at weird hours of the night and morning. The world is kept in the dark as to the true nature of the dangerous Zombie creatures that leave our house every day to walk amongst the public. You know the truth now though! So keep your eyes out, we may be nearer than you think!
Some photos for the update:

The Musician in the family


More sleep, just usually not when we are able to!

River likes to help out now

This is not usual, but sometimes he likes to gives Wren kisses

Pretending to be asleep

Playing with the Christmas Train

It's a family affair

River emulating his Uncle Choyer cutting hair at our friends house