Sunday, August 07, 2011

Help for The Jenkins

First of all, I didn't do an update from our last appointment. But things remained the same. It's great that I didn't progress, but I think I was secretly hoping to regress. I have another appointment on Wednesday. I'll try and get a blog update then.

This week I realized that my gestational diabetes came back with this pregnancy. I felt funky for a couple of days, and I just knew. So, we pulled out the old glucose meter from my pregnancy with River and sure enough - it's back! There have been a couple of readings over the last few days that haven't been good. But all in all, with a very strict diet, I've been able to keep it in a somewhat normal range. Ryan went and picked up the exercise bike from my parents, so between swimming at the YMCA and riding the stationary bike I'm hoping to be able to get some control over it.

My dear friend, Jamina, has helped us set up a Meal Baby Calendar for our friends to help us with meals on Mondays and Saturdays. However, a lot of our family and friends don't live in Tennessee. With the lovely social media these days, she's encouraged us to put the information on our blog and facebook to ask for help, which if you know me well, is not something I'm generally comfortable doing. But I'm trying to reach out of my comfort zone a bit and receive help from others.

We're attaching the link to the Meal Baby Website. I believe you have to create an account from the link. If you're in town, you can sign up for a meal. But if you're not in town, there are gift certificates you can purchase.

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and support! I'm counting down the weeks until I'm full term. 9 more to go!