Saturday, May 30, 2009


Upon Request, this one's for you, Layne.

We have been so extremely busy I don't even know where to start. Blogging hasn't been the biggest priority...even though, I've taken pictures with the full intention of blogging. There just hasn't been enough hours in the day. And even now as I type, I feel like I should be doing at least a million other things while River naps. So, maybe I will unleash a blogging fury over the next few days.

Ryan blogged about his Park Ranger job, and I am so proud of him! One big thing that came with the job was that we need to move. Awesome! Radnor Lake, here we come. But first, we must sell our this economy. Blak! I think I vomited in my throat. The stress.

We (mostly, Ryan, to be honest) worked real hard on packing up the house for a couple of weeks...moving things into storage to make our house presentable for viewers and a potential buyer. It's so amazing all the stuff you accumulate, and it's only been nearly 6 years of marriage and 1 baby. I'm going to love minimizing. All this junk gets under my skin. Taking care of Little Man River is a 24/7 job literally, so Ryan would give me tasks when River napped. But Ryan working 2 jobs at the time would come home and pack things up and take them to storage.

We put our house on the market, and we had 17 lookers in 22 days. It was wild! When we would have to leave Chaco, we would put her in her kennel and ask her to "Please, be nice, and sell our house." But most of the time, we would attempt to take her with us. We've spent hours driving around and sitting in random parking lots and backyards of friends.

The funniest one I can recall is when I had to take Chaco and River by myself. Not sure how Ryan got to work that day. I forgot but maybe he borrowed Jim and Choyer's car or I took him at 4:30 a.m. I packed us up and headed to Publix. I parked the car, ate a donut, and climbed in the back of the Element to breastfeed. Breastfeeding has proved difficult in the Element when you're by yourself. It's those crazy doors. Sounds great for camping or putting big things in the car, but when you have to maneuver with a baby...climbing into the front seat and back seat to get in and out...not a good selling point for the vehicle. Add a hyper-anxious traveling dog in the mix, and it gets even funnier. Not sure how long I sat in the parking lot with them....opening windows, then switching to A/C and back and forth. So, we've definitely had our share of adventures selling the house lately.

But the point is...we sold it!! In 22 days!!! We feel very fortunate to have done that. We're Steelers Fans and are mentality in that regards is believe it when it happens. Our closing date is June 15th, so we're crossing our fingers, holding our breath, and if our Terrible Towels weren't packed up I'm sure we'd be waving those too.

In fact, I just incidentally or accidentally just met the lovely girl who bought our house. The contractor is coming out today to fix the things the Home Inspector and the buyer decided on. I thought it was him, so I let Chaco out on the deck. Well, it turns out, it was her and her friends. She wanted to show them the yard. Well, thinking it was the contractor, I went out on the deck to let him know Chaco was out on the deck and I would meet him out front. Instead, it was Tiffany. I'm sure she got a nice greeting....Chaco and me - complete in my Flight of The Conchords T-shirt and Virginia Tech Pajama pants....fresh out of the bed. And all of the commotion woke up Little Man River, so I must go.

So much for getting house stuff done. Oh well! I'm hoping there will be another nap in his near future. I should probably cross my fingers and wave a Terrible Towel for that too.