Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Green Lunch

I wasn't planning on blogging about my lunch today, but as I kept putting it all on my just kept getting prettier and prettier and greener and greener. And I had to take a picture.

I got the basic Kale with Aduki Beans Recipe from, and I altered a bit for me. I'll try and rehash how I made it.

I used the coconut oil at first about 2 Tbsp and heated it in the pan and sauteed 2 chopped leeks (the white and light green parts) and I added a couple of cloves of crushed garlic (Mmmmm...I love garlic). Then, I needed more oil so I used olive oil because I was trying to be quick during River's nap. No more time trying to dig out the solid coconut oil. I only had a few moments to make my fine dining lunch. Then, I added a can of drained and rinsed Aduki Beans and the stems from a "bunch of Kale." I think the recipe says 6 cups, but I just chopped it all up. Once that was heated, I added about 1/4 cup of water...I spilled some on the way to the pan, so who knows really. But then I added the chopped Kale and put the lid on for a couple of minutes. I love my Kale a little crunchy and crisp still. I added some pepper and doused it with Bragg's Amino Acid (sort of like a soy sauce, but much better).

Before I began, I started a pot of Quinoa. I did the basic recipe. 2 cups water, bring to boil, add 1 cup of rinsed Quinoa, turn down to a simmer or med-low and cover for 12-15 minutes...until the Quinoa creates those spirals. It makes about 4 cups of Quinoa.

So, bed of Quinoa and put the Kale and Aduki Beans on TOP. DELISH!!!!

Then, I sliced a Granny Smith Apple and sprinkled it with salt. My in-laws taught me that last time they were here. Yummy! It takes the kick out.

I had half an Avocado left, so I spooned a little salsa where the pit used to be.

Yummy lunch! And for those of you wondering how I did that and took care of sweet River...I'm no SuperMom. I cut up the kale and leeks the day before and ended up enjoying my meal over River's cry and then he slept on my chest while I dropped Quinoa and Kale all over his back. He fell asleep and didn't mind, so I would just pick it off of him and eat it. No Wasting such a Good Lunch!

*If I remember, I'll try and post my Sweet Potato Salad with Apple and Avocado that I made for dinner the other night. It was quite tasty too.

He's A Growin' Boy!!

I know. I know. He's only going to get bigger, but he's rounding the corner and coming up on 3 months so fast. When we look at his sweet feet or play with his hands, we are blown away by how big he is getting.

Funny Story...When my mom came for a visit, she suggested putting him in a bigger size. Well, he's not 3 months yet, and if you pull on his leg, it can straighten out in his clothes. Just try it was her recommendation. And one well given because poor guy's clothes were too small. Never done this before, but now I know. He was in 3 - 6 months when he was a little over 2 months. Oops. Just trying to follow the instructions on the label. Guess they don't always match up.

Here are some more pics of River....

His first shot. Made him cranky for days. He got lots of extra cuddling.

River keeping his "magic wand" close by.

River babysits the daddy.

Grammy comes for a visit. I got so many kisses.

"Well, I do believe the economy is making a turn around, Grammy."

Getting some exercise.

Now, This Is Living!!!

About to head to Radnor Lake for an Art Show.

More Faces of River!!!

Hello Mr. Park Ranger!

Well, it's been over a year now of hard work. 7 days a week for most of that time. 6 days a week after River joined us. No vacation as of yet (except for a day or two here and there). Some have worked harder for the job, but most agreed I had worked hard enough for it.
As of May the 3rd I will officially be a Park Ranger!

More than 3 years ago, after Kari and I lost the baby, and after I had taken a job as an IT Administrator to support our family, I realized I had headed in the wrong direction with my career choices from an early stage. Not to say I regret them, because they have all given me both experience and perspective, but they were not where my heart was. So after 3 years of contemplation, understanding, research, self-education, training, and hard work, I have reached another beginning. And like all of mine and Kari's escapades, it is going to be an adventure. I will be a Park Ranger with the Tennessee State Parks system at a protected natural area called Radnor Lake.

We are in the process of putting our home on the market so we can move into a house inside the park. I will be working opening shifts (5am to 1:30pm) until they send me to the law enforcement academy. That will hopefully be the end of this summer. The opening shifts are actually what I prefer because I have the afternoons to do things and I can take care of River while Kari goes to work.

My last day of work at William Morris Agency will be this Friday the 24th. Not that I am excited about leaving my friends there, because I will miss them, but I am excited to not be sitting in a florescent office with no windows and a computer staring back at me all day. That's not how I wanted to spend the rest of my life, so I made the choice and changed.

I really cannot express through a blog how elated I am about this! To spend every day outside, working with my hands, teaching people about the outdoors and protecting the environment like I was taught growing up, working with animals, protecting the thing that I love. To me, that is the way to spend a lifetime. That is the start to making a difference in this world.
The park I will be working at gets on average a million visitors a year. I will probably run into a quarter of those visitors throughout that time. So I have the opportunity to teach 250000 people about the outdoors, about the animals and plants around them, and to bring them into a greater understanding of the environment. When people understand something, they take an ownership of it. They feel more responsible for it. They help take care of it. That is what I am looking forward to. That is why I am excited about it.

After May the 3rd, come out to the park (if you live in town) and look out for me. I'll be around, mulching trails, fixing something, doing educational programs with our hawks, owls, and snakes, directing traffic, or out looking for people breaking the rules. Once I am there for a while I will blog about my experiences.

Thank you to anyone out there who supported me during this whole thing. I know some people thought it was a dumb idea to take a pay cut to do something like this. But on the whole I had alot of support from family and friends.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Most Important Place In The World....Your Bed!

Thank you, GALIT!!! My friend, Galit, came over the other day and shared one of the most amazing things I had ever seen in regards to TV Commercials. I've been so blown away that I want to share it with you all.

Most of you know that I'm a Birth Junkie. I love educating and empowering women to make wise and informed choices as they bring life into this world and to find the strength that's deep inside...whatever and however they decide to do that.

There's a Spanish TV Commerical for a mattress. And I posted the link to watch it here.

Galit translated it for me, and I'll paraphrase it for you. This couple had a home birth when their first child was born. They are pregnant again and are trying to decide where to give birth. They have decided to give birth in their home again. They encourage people to give birth where they are most comfortable. They talk about how important it is to do that. For them, the most comfortable place is their home in their bed. "Your Bed. The Most Important Place In The World."

Wow!!! How amazing?!! What a brillant idea to sell a mattress?!!! I wish America would get on board and quit suppressing women's rights to give birth. All the scare tactics and for profit decisions boil me to no end. Hopefully, one of these days - America will wake up or at least the people will start fighting for their rights. Until then, enjoy the ideas of the progressive European countries.

Beware...this commercial will more than likely give you chills and bring you to tears. It's beautiful!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Effin Fly!!!

Sorry family members and friends who are offended by the title of this blog, but I can't find a nicer word for the stupid fly who has been annoying me for a couple of days now. I am so livid!!

A couple of days ago it showed up, and I was trying to be a kind and gentle soul to begin with...being a respecter of life. Yesterday it showed up randomly and I would gently "shoo" it away. A friend told me they only live for about 3 days, and I thought I can tolerate that....WELL....

This is Effin Fly won't leave me alone. It follows me everywhere.
I mean, seriously, there's stinky trash filled with banana peels and garlic, and you want ME. There's dog food in a bowl exposed in the kitchen, but you choose ME. I've offered you a trash can in the nursery filled with dirty diapers or goldfish crumbs graciously left under the table by a friend's 9 month old daughter, but NO, you want to tick ME off.

I've even started questioning if there has been someone who has passed on that I know that maybe lived a horrible life and was reincarnated as a stupid fly to seek a personal vengeance out for my sanity. I can't think of anyone off the top of my head, so WHY?! Why does this fly have a personal vendetta out for me?

Everywhere I go...I can be at the kitchen table...he's in my ear or on my head. I'm in the living room trying to get River to sleep, and he lands on his face. Oh no! Now, he's in my ear again. But wait, there's breastfeeding....It takes me two hands, and there's that dumb fly swarming around the event. At one point today, I stormed into the kitchen closet and broke out the fly swatter. And it lies on my bed...waiting....I've been feeding River today and simultaneously been swinging at the blasted fly. And it wins! It wins over and over again.

I can't do anything in peace right now because I'm constantly on guard waiting for that noise to show up. Mr./Mrs./Miss Fly, you will meet your doom today. It is my goal. I have lost all patience, and next time you land on the nipple of River's paci, you are a goner. I tried being a pacifist and seeking peace with you, but the battle begins. Leave my house today, or I will help you leave with a swift swat. You win. You have driven me insane. I am blogging about my anger towards you, you little creature. But today is your day of doom. I will personally see to it. Let this be a sign to you and all your friends.

(R.I.P Mr. Effin Fly,
I took your life today, not because I had a personal vendetta out against you, or because you were causing humanity a great deal of pain, but because my wife said she was going to swat me with the fly swatter if I couldn't send you on to the heavenly realms.
Ha! Just kidding. I took care of the fly today when I got home. One swat is all it took. See, it's all in the have to have a good approach, and then finish off the job with a snap of the wrist. Ok, I'll stop bragging about what a great fly swatter I am and go about my business.