Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Great Morning!

I'm having one of those Great Mornings! A lot of times we remember the not so good ones, and we like to talk about it. But not today.

I woke up on my own this morning to a lot of wind, but still it was on my own. No alarm clock today. I actually saw daylight before it even went off. That's good for me! I sat up in bed and read some in a book that I'm really into right now. My husband and my furry child were asleep beside me.

After Ryan headed to work, I did some finishing touches to the house before my parents arrive. The house smells of burning candles and it rained hard this morning. I've been listening to records all morning. When my uncle passed in August, we were handed ALL of his albums for us to go through to keep or sell. I've been jamming out to Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, and Stevie Wonder...just thinking about my Uncle Dennis and picturing him bouncing and dancing around his house. Knowing he is so proud of me because I'm totally enjoying his music puts a smile on my face.

Now the sun is coming through the clouds and I've been working on knitting a scarf. I'm trying to teach myself how to knit, and with the help of Dolly Parton's Heartbreaker album, I'm well on my way- Finally!

The only thing that could make this day any better would be for Ryan to be at home instead of work!! He'll be home in a few hours, and we'll enjoy some of my favorite food (Taco Salad) with my parents, and thanks to the Presidents of the United States - Ryan and I get to spend the day together tomorrow.

I Love Great Mornings!!! And it's only Noon.

Friday, February 01, 2008

The Newest Adventuresse Family Member

Here's a simple version of how The Adventuresse Family began and consistently grows:

After I finished college in 2002, one of my bestfriends, Jody, and I set off on an adventure. We packed up and headed Out West, camping and sightseeing along the way! I think we went away searching for the answers to life's questions and plans for our future. I don't think we found them, but the one thing we did discover was our deep desire and need for ADVENTURE!! So came "our name," The Adventuresses!!

Somewhere outside of the Black Hills of South Dakota with our newly purchased cowgirl hats, we knew we were in need of new names. Adventuresse/Outlaw names!! I mean, seriously, we were reaking havoc all over the West in our sweet-ride, a 4-Runner turned into a 2-seater named Sedona, on the trip. But we were stuck known in the West as Kari and Jody. Where's the fun in that?! Sedona was no wild horse, but it got us where we were going. The ride had a name. Our tent became known as The Westward Castle. Now, WE needed names! With a quick phone call to Doug, her father, he helped us and inspired us with ideas. Left to our own demise though we started fast at work.

On the run early that summer, I became forever known as Wrangler Daisy duke, and Jody became infamously called Sundance Jessie james!

In August of 2003, Wrangler Daisy married Ryan Jenkins. On our honeymoon in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, he discovered his name. You see receiving membership into The Adventuresse Family and declaring a name is serious and not to be taken lightly. It must be found on a exploration with an Adventuresse. Ryan was crowned with the name Shooter Jackson hole!

Then, there came David Thomas! Jody and David were dating at the time he was blessed with his name. The four of us were camping in Yosemite, and his name unfolded into Mustang Rocky balboa. Mustang Rocky and Sundance Jessie married in May 2006.

And now the newest arrival!!! Mustang Rocky and Sundance Jessie gave birth to their first child, a son, on January 18, 2008 at 7:41 pm. His birth name is Bodie David Thomas. And he will remain with that name until the proper age and the right Adventuresse moment. At that time, he will be dubbed with his own Adventure/Outlaw name.

He is a handsome and wonderful addition to The Adventuresse Family! I was so glad to be there for his first adventure into this world.

We all look forward to the family growing, our children finding the need for adventure, and discovering their forever Outlaw names! Who would ever know that a Road Trip out West would create and bind two Adventuresses together in such a way?!!

Congratulations and Blessings to the new parents from Aunt Daisy and Uncle Shooter!! The Adventure Continues...