Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update on the Up and Coming Baby Jenkins

Yes! We're expecting again. We just haven't taken the time to post anything on the blog much or fb. But I did want to pass along an update on the pregnancy.

From what we can gather, since it was somewhat of a surprise, we are due at the end of October. That's from our guesses, the midwives doing their calculations, my belly measurements, and a couple of ultrasounds. Blast! In nearly 8 years of marriage, this is one of the only cycles I did not chart. Charting is helpful for me because my cycles aren't normal, but we're all pretty confident since everyone's numbers are putting the arrival of Baby Jenkins somewhere during that last week in October.

I've been spotting some throughout the pregnancy, but nothing too irregular until the other day. I had a prenatal appointment a couple of days later and knew I would bring it up again. We talked about things with a couple of my midwives (Yes, we're hoping to use The Farm again), and we decided to investigate. They did an internal check of my cervix, and baby's head was real low, my outer os was 2 cm, my inner os was 1 cm, and the called my cervix fibrous and easy to manipulate. They didn't want to give me strict bedrest because it seems so dooming with 3 months still to go, but I'm definitely limited. No lifting (even River), no long walks, try to stay off my feet as much as I can, no hanky panky, and take it easy. I've gotta keep this baby cooking.

The next day they had me see the doctor. She monitored me for contractions. No contractions and only a minute or two of some sort of irritability. I can't believe I didn't ask more about that. By her check, my outer os is 1 cm and my inner os is still closed, and that active child growing inside me has turned breech. I did another ultrasound, the actual length of my cervix is measuring in at a whopping 4 cm. That's good news. But I'm still given the same Take It Easy Orders.

I'll start seeing the midwives every other week now so they can keep an eye on what's happening. And if anything happens like more spotting, abdominal pain, or some contractions, then I'll need to get to a hospital to be monitored. So, I'm really having to be in tune with what my body is telling me. If my back aches, no ignoring it. I need to lay down and get it to stop. I just need to pay close attention.

So, please send some good vibes this way. Baby Jenkins is healthy and active, but my body needs to keep him/her cooking. I'll try and keep the blog up as we learn about the progress or lack thereof of my body over the next few months.

Timer is set for Baby Jenkins: Must Cook Until At Least Mid-October!!