Friday, January 04, 2008

Christmas in Charleston

We spent our Christmas in Charleston, South Carolina this year. When you say Charleston, I (Kari) request you say it with your best southern drawl. My brother, Derek, lives there...about 5 minutes from the beach. We had a family Christmas at a beach house we rented. Christmas at the beach was something neither of us had ever experienced. It was pretty cool. It was different being at the beach when it was cold and during the holidays but enjoyable to just be at Mama Ocean together.
My parents brought a little tree for us to decorate. Christmas morning Ryan and I brewed some coffee, grabbed a quilt and the camera, walked a couple of minutes to the Atlantic, and watched the sunrise. It was so amazing that we watched it again the morning we headed back home. Since we've tiled our bathroom and kitchen, we've been deemed the experts. My bro asked for a tiling job for Christmas. Ryan, Derek, and I spent a few days doing demolition, tiling, and grouting. Our tiling ventures keep getting better; that means Derek has the best one yet. We spent some time on a lighthouse hunt, walking Market Street, and eating some seafood. It was nice to be with family at the beach for Christmas.