Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A River Photo Update

We have a ton of pictures of River that we need to show everybody.
But first, some developmental updates...
He can't quite say the entire alphabet yet, but he can goo and gaa most of the phonetic sounds, most even with a pacifier in his mouth.
He loves to play and swing his arms and kick his feet. He will wake up before us in the morning and lay in his crib and play by himself for a long time, just singing and throwing his paci around and kicking around in circles. It's really cute.
He is sitting up really well and reaching for everything. If he gets his hands on something it goes directly into his mouth. I have had to use the "no" word a few times with him already, even though he doesn't know what it means.
He has two teeth and bites Kari while he is feeding. He also is eating avacado, green beans, and peas now. We just buy veggies at the store and put them into the food processor to make some baby food. It's much much cheaper so far.
The result of those additions in his diet is a change in his poo! It's quite stinky now and there has been a magical change in consistency. I have to say that the cloth diapers are working wonderful though!
He's heavy, at least my arms think he's heavy. I can't hold him as long as I used to. He is 16 lbs. and is 26.5 inches long.
Now for a load of pictures.

River and Uncle Choyer relaxing

Cowboy River!

The cutest picture of all time! This is his new sleeping buddy.

Grammy and River on the porch.

Pappy's 70th birthday.

Hey ya'll

"Do I have any buggers in my nose?"