Wednesday, October 21, 2009

First Love

Could it really happen?!! Could River fall in love with my bestfriend's daughter? Would that not be high school bestfriends' dreams come true?! Yes, I know Emi Kate is 2 1/2, but as they get older - she could be a "cougar." Or will their new baby due in January be the one that steals River's heart? I'll have to pin my hopes on Emi Kate because that's all I have to work with now.

Amanda, Heath, and Emi Kate came up for a visit a couple of weeks ago. It was so much fun to have my bestfriend from high school and her family hanging out with us. We had loads of pure enjoyment watching River interact with Emi Kate. It was like he knew...she's a tiny human like me. He thought everything she did was funny. She would roll a ball, and he would crack up which would lead her to do it more. They were very entertaining! I loved watching the spawns of the dynamic duo (Amanda and Kari) playing together. There were times where I could see us in them.

I quite enjoyed having them here, and it made me miss the Ashworth family even more. Here are some pics...

"Shhhhh, Baby!"

"I think she's into me."

"Will you be my girl?" HIGH FIVE!!

"I'm going in for the smooch."

"She likes to cuddle."


Delores said...

These pictures are soooo adorable!!Still say he looks just like you Kari. Delores

Anonymous said...

Looks like a cute couple. Mom and Dad

Jason Bradford said...

Um, if some random old friend wanted to email you or see you... how do they make that happen?


I can't find your email and it looks like you're not on Facebook anymore?

Hope you guys are doing great!

Talina said...

How cute, he is just growing so fast!

I am with Jason... Been wanting to find your mailing address for the new place but you aren't on facebook anymore.