Monday, December 22, 2008

A Quick House Arrest Update

Just to give an update from the previous "Bedrest" post. After seeing the midwives on Friday, they think they figured out my mishap with my blood pressure. When they tested my urine, glucose showed up! They think I am having some issues regulating my blood sugar levels. Pamela says "no more work" and "lay low, resting and taking walks".

We had to go by the store on the way home and purchase a glucose monitoring system. Now I have the enjoyment of pricking my fingers all throughout the day and spending the majority of my time monitoring my food and blood glucose levels. It has been interesting seeing the effects of what I eat on my blood sugar levels and on the way I feel.

So for the next month or month and a half me, Chaco, and Baby Jenkins will be enjoying a modified house arrest... with NO Red Velvet cake to pass the time!!!
I guess Pamela and my own body knew I wouldn't slow down unless I was forced. I'm trying to be grateful for the opportunity to rest before the baby gets here.

"I'll make you in February when I am released from house arrest, Red Velvet cake!"


Hugh & Hollie Carson said...

Hahaha! Kari, your comment to the Red Velvet Cake was funny. I hope you DO enjoy that rest, even though I would be the same as you and go stir crazy! I'm happy you're not having pre-eclampsia symptoms though.

Layne said...

Unfortunately, I had pre-eclampsia when I was pregnant with Andrew but it didn't officially show up until about 2.5 weeks before Andrew was due. So, I experienced only a short (2-3 day) bed rest experience before I was put in the hospital and was induced.

I don't envy you at all. However, I agree- get as much rest as you possibly can. Read some books, watch junk tv, etc.

Once Baby Jenkins comes, most of that is out the window for a while. :-)

Anonymous said...

We agree that was the only way you would get any rest. Take it easy and we will see you soon.

Love, Mom and Dad

Talina said...

How funny, Pamela is going to be my midwife out at The Farm and I am so worried that my diet is going to result in blood glucose issues.

Yes, rest while you can and keep working on those owl paintings. The red velvet cake looks so very good, just dream of bites till you deliver your sweet baby.