Monday, December 01, 2008

The Lioness Roars...

I've always been a quiet sleeper. Well, at least that's what I've been told through the years. My mother and my brother were the ones who could carry on conversations in their dream state (*take note - that's the best time to ask your mom for something). And the patriarch, Larry, could wake Fayetteville with his snoring. Now, Ryan can be found making some heads turn with his snoring if he is on his back with his jaw ajar. But not me, I've always nestled into my sleep position and except for a phase of teeth grinding when I was younger, I never disturbed anyone.

However, pregnancy has changed me. This new habit of snoring has been going on for a month now, but something happened the other night that merited a blog. I had made my cozy den with my man-lion, our furry child, and the cub that's growing inside of me. Our bed was crowded like the lioness likes it, and I was finally off into my jungle of dreams when I felt something on my face. I pried my eyes open to find Ryan face to face with me, and he was "petting" me.

"I guess I was snoring."
"Are you trying to get me to stop?"
"I thought if I stroked your face, your body would relax and maybe you could stop snoring."

Yes. Yes. I have a very loving husband who copes with my new found snoring habit, and I am so grateful for his gentle gesture. But I thought to myself, does he realize that just because he strokes my face, it doesn't mean that my stomach and other organs are going to retreat back to their "pre-pregancy" place and give my lungs the room they need? It was too late to even attempt that explanation.

So, I apologized. And rolled over to the other side....only to roar through the night.

Every night I just assume that it's going to be a loud roaring night in the Jungle Land of The Jenkins' Den. This Lioness is quite proud that I have something to offer besides a silent night.

I just sing to myself as I'm turning my queen size bed into a lion's den..."In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lioness roars every night...." Thank you, Lion King!

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Anonymous said...

I guess you can have the title now. Since I sleep with my CPAP machine it is awfully quite here at night. We might even have a lioness here at 200 Walker. Love, Dad