Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Bed of Rest

I'm now somewhere in the vicinity of 32 -33 weeks. What I really want to blog about is my Amazing Baby Shower I had on Sunday, but that will come in due time.
Right now, I'm laying on my Bed of Rest. Day 3 of Bed rest...Hopefully, only one more to go.
Let's see. How to explain???
Sunday night, my body went into some sort of shock mode. And a cold set in at the same time. The immune-comprised pregnant body is pretty intriguing. My blood pressure was up Sunday night and Monday morning. The midwives had me take my blood pressure, drink some water, and lie down and retake it about 30 minutes later. It had gone down. But why had it gone up? That's the question. They have me taking my blood pressure every few hours, loading up on water and protein, and the lovely bed rest...preferably on my left side. As long as my blood pressure stays stable, I can wait until Friday when I have my appointment for them to do some blood work and try and play detective with my pregnant body.
So until then, me, Baby Jenkins, and Chaco are lying in bed. The view of Chaco's rear-end is getting a bit old, but it's cute watching her dream and run in her sleep. Baby Jenkins is swimming around and seems to be having a blast too. Maybe I should just give in and absolutely enjoy myself.


Martha T. said...

You've got the right idea; enjoy the bed rest while you can. Your mission now is to take care of yourself and the little one; and it sounds like you're right on track.

Take care.

Love from your Aunt Martha

Anonymous said...

Holy toledo Kari! . Keep those legs propped up when you're chill'in.Watch your salt intake too! Rest, rest, rest all you can. Please keep me posted on how you're doing. I am here if you need ANYTHING! I'm starting to get the hang of carrying Aiden in the car seat now;)

Talina said...

I am sick now too and have prescribed myself bed rest. I hope your blood pressure stays down and really appreciate your encouragement about birthing @ The Farm.