Wednesday, April 04, 2012

An Insides Story

As of Tuesday night I am lighter on my right side. The surgeon took out the right side of my large intestine and some of my small intestine. Looks like I will be confined to this hospital bed for a few more days. I am in a large amount of pain, and the pain med pump I am using only allows me to push the magic pain med button every 8 minutes. I count down the 8 minutes like I was waiting for the Megaball Millions lottery numbers to be broadcast. I have also been dealing with a lot of nausea, so I have been able to request zofran when it was needed in order for me to stomach chicken broth and water.
The surgeon said the surgery went well. I have two inch long incisions in my lower belly and a larger incision above my belly button. The reason they had to take some of my small intestines was because the incision from my appendix removal last month was sitting on top of my small intestines and had somehow fused to it during the healing process. They took the right side of the large intestine in order to make sure they got all of the associated lymph nodes and blood vessels.
We do not have a pathology report from the tumor yet. The doc said it will probably be a couple more days at least before we get the report. I may still be at the hospital by then, but, if I do good with recovery, they will let me go home earlier. I have to eat some solid food and have a bowel movement.
Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers! I am humbled by all of the people thinking about me. There are so many people out there dealing with issues much worse than mine, so I really do appreciate you. I should be back to normal sometime in the next couple of months.

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Martha T said...

Was in a hurry and didn't sign my comment; just so you'll know for sure who's sending good thoughts your way....