Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Story About A Black Cloud

In the world of emergency medical services, there is a phenomenon called a black cloud. An EMT or Paramedic is said to have it when they get a bunch of really bad calls. When they are not around everything is fine. When they show up, the poop hits the fan.
I have been lucky enough to have a white cloud over me thus far. As you can guess, a white cloud is opposite of a black cloud.
That is up until about a month ago. If you have been reading my blogs or following on Facebook, you probably can tell I haven't had the greatest of luck lately when it comes to my health. It may not be EMS related, but the black cloud continued to hover overhead.
Last night I sat down on the couch for 30 minutes or so. I sat with my leg underneath me. When I got up, my knee gave out and I couldn't put any weight on it. "No problem" I thought. It will pass after a minute.
I hobbled around on it all night. This morning I woke up and tried to walk and it was excruciating! "c'mon..., really!?". Luckily I'm already on light duty here at work because of my abdomen, but I am still relegated to hiking the lower trails with my law enforcement pack.
On goes an old knee brace that I had and off I go to work. I am hobbling like a penguin, trying to curtail some of the pain. I cannot take any pain meds because of my surgery in a few days. Ugh...
For those of you that are superstitious, (I'm too cynical to be superstitious) lets hope that bad things come in threes. That would mean its all uphill from here.

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