Friday, April 20, 2012

The Voicemail

Today I got a voicemail that I was hoping I wouldn't get.
After my surgery at the beginning of April, I sent all of my records to two specialists that specialize in a type of abdominal cancer that is very rare. The reason is because, well let's just say there was a possibility that I was at risk for this cancer after my first surgery.
Guess what the doctor said in the voicemail... "Mr. Jenkins, you are clearly at risk for pseudomyxoma peritonei. We can discuss any further surgery when we speak."
Yup. I knew I was probably at risk because a bunch of "non-specialists" had told me I was. These "non-specialists" were people that either have, or are caring for someone with the disease. So "non-specialist" means "not doctor", because they probably have just as much knowledge about the disease as any docs.
I can get more into the disease in another blog, since it would take a book to explain, and especially since I haven't actually spoken to the specialists yet.
Reality is that I may not have anything, but most that I have told my situation to have agreed that it is likely. I don't have any feelings about things yet, but I tell you what... I have for sure listened to that message about a hundred times so far. It'll probably sink in at some point.
Now I have at least a weekend, probably more, to mull over what he meant by surgery, and what he meant by certainly at risk.
I tried calling him back as soon as I got the message, but the number just forwarded me to the hospitals main number, and it was well after business hours. I sent him an email to contact me again, so hopefully he won't leave me hangin like a crane fly on a spider web for too long.
Oh yeah, and I forgot. The doctor said "Have a great weekend!" at the end of the message. Umm, ok. Will do.

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