Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Dog Days are Over...

Kari told me a story last night that was inspiring to me. We had just taken the boys out to get ice cream and were driving back home when a song came on. "The dog days are over" the song sings over and over again. It was a beautiful afternoon and we were dancing in the car making the boys laugh.
Kari asked me if I remembered her playing this song for me in the hospital. I looked at her puzzlingly. I didn't remember. The pain meds I guess kept me so sleepy that I didn't remember much. So I asked her to tell me all about it, so i can at least imagine it.
She said that while her and my Mom were waiting for me after surgery, the song came on the TV. Upon hearing it, she immediately thought the lyrics were proper for our situation, and decided to let me hear it.
The next morning, she said she came into the hospital room and played it for me. My Mom and Wren danced, my Mom teared up as she is good at doing, and Kari let me know that it is all going to be up hill from here on out. And you know, for the most part, she was right. Admittedly, there have been some tough days. We have now both had a few "cry 'em outs". I have felt rough physically some days, but those times have weaned down to an evening every now and again. We are on top of this pseudomyxoma peritonei and have a plan for monitoring the status of my insides, and for attacking it if it rears it's ugly head. Things are on the up'n'up.
To everyone who has told us they were praying, or thinking of us. To those that have came by to visit, cook us a meal, clean our house, and mow our lawn. Your actions and words have been powerful. Your kindness and love have been eye opening.

"The dog days are over,
The dog days are done."

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