Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where Did 8 Weeks Go?

I think 2 months flew by somehow...maybe feedings, changing diapers, soothing a crying baby, and lack of sleep distorted time. However, we're still loving every minute of it. We're Happy But Tired Parents!! Here are some more pics of our Little Man River and his adventures.

After much patience, Karis FINALLY gets to hold Baby River.

Uncle Ben.

River meets our friend and his future Tattoo Artist, Jason.

"Why I ought to punch you in the face?"

River loves his Panty Rangers. Thank you, Panty Ranger Fawn, for making his shirt.

Aunt Martha works her magic.

Grammy Time.

River makes a trip to GA to see Pappy in the hospital.

River's Job Description: Help Pappy Feel Better!

A Rare Family Photo These Days.

Chaco babysitting River in the swing.

Ryan's Wild Birthday Celebration with The Boyz

Ryan gets his much anticipated camera for his birthday.

Ryan's Birthday at Gojo, our favorite restaurant. Yummy, Injera and Veggies Ethiopian Style.

Family Photo at the Gojo Birthday Fun.

Of course, my men at their favorite past time.

Check out that smile.
River and Grandpap

Grandma, did Goldilocks REALLY buy Baby Bear a new chair to replace the one she broke?

The man who has us all wrapped around his finger.

His first hike at Radnor.

Story Time with Grandma

River's first picnic at Percy Warner Park

Gettin Burped by the Daddy.

"I love getting my diaper changed."

Having a conversation with Mama

River wondering how many times are all these people going to take my picture.

River finding his happy place.

Mama finding her happy place.

Uncle Choyer gets in on some feeding action.
How could Uncle Jim watch TV when there is so much action going on?


Talina said...

He has such a wise face, does that sound weird? He must be a wise soul already or something because when I look at him I just feel like he knows way more than I ever will.

Also, I love the "Why I ought to punch you in the face?" photo! He is so freaking cute and animated.

Looks like you guys are doing great, I am so glad!

Layne said...

He's so very cute!

Congrats again! :-)

Rachael said...

I love reading your updates and seeing the pics! I'm so happy for you guys :)

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

Sweet River. I always love the pictures of him asleep with Ryan...and mama too. :)

P.S. - I also love Injera!

Anonymous said...

Sorry we were late in commenting. As usual the pictures were great especially of our sweet River. Enjoyed your visit to the hospital. It was uplifting to me and speeded my recovery. Hope to see you real soon. Maybe grammy can make it up next week. Give River a big hug for us. Grammy and Pappy