Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm A Total ROCK STAR!!

I'm sure that if I tried out for American Idol, you'd find my audition in the blooper reel. But to a little man named River, I'm a Rock Star.

My friend, Jody, would tell me her stories of making up songs for her little guy, Bodie. She would express her embarrassment and amazement that her made up songs would melt Bodie's tears away. Well, I've now experienced it for myself.

Yesterday I was leaving Maranda's house and heading to Ryan's work to show off River. We had a pretty busy day, and about 1 traffic light into our trip down Belmont Blvd and Music Row to go to his daddy's work, he started screaming to get out of his convining carseat and head home to his cozy bed. I don't blame you, River. Mama was tired too. But for some reason, I wouldn't get the sympathy for my tears for a nap.

I wasn't able to reach back to soothe him, and fearing the repercussions of getting caught if I "Brittany Speared" it, I had to come up with something else. Ryan and I continually refer to River as "our little monkey." Well, in the matter of seconds, I had written a lullaby. It goes like this...."I love you, little monkey. I love you, little monkey. I love you, little monkey. I love you, little monkey........"

Yes, only 5 words, but they're 5 magic words. Because in a few short moments, there was a hush coming from the backseat in absolute enjoyment of my impromptu performance. We successfully made it to the William Morris Agency where his daddy works. And after a few moments with his Papa, he was out like a light. It didn't matter that I had sung those 5 words for miles. It was magic!

Since that trip, I've used my One-hit Wonder on two other separate occassions which have produced the same results...a calm and sedated baby. I do modify my tune. Sometimes I sing high and work my way low. Other times I reverse it. And I have even been known to add verses which may include..."River is my monkey." "Mama loves her little monkey." "I love to cuddle with my monkey." "Mama feeds her little monkey." The options are endless. But the results the same.

I'm thinking it could go platinum in the baby world. I called Ryan and asked what talent agent at work he would want me to work with. I was willing to be assigned to anyone. I'm not sure if this is a One-hit Wonder or if I will have an album of self-written lullabies, but one thing is for sure as long as they work with River, I'll sing my out of tune heart out for anyone to hear.


Talina said...

Awe, what a sweet story! I love to sing and hope my little Tater will be calmed by my singing.

Did you sing to him while you were pregnant?

Ryan and Kari Jenkins said...

No. I didn't sing to him. I thought if I did he would never come out.
But we did read to him, and still do.

Layne said...

I made up a song for Andrew when he was a baby and in part of it I spell out his first name. He's been able to spell his first name thanks to that song for a very long time. :-)