Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Mmmm Bop Men...aka Hanson

I wrote this blog in my head on the way to work yesterday, and I forgot all the brilliant things I was going to say. I guess I will attempt to remember some of it.

For those that recall the tune, "Mmmm Bop" by the little boys,Hanson, came out in 1997. I was graduating High School at the time and had spent much of my elementary and middle school days going Goo-Goo Gah-Gah over New Kids On The Block. I had had my boy band fun, and I was moving past all the silliness of it all. I believe there actually was a time in elementary school that I thought if Jordan or Donnie (of NKOTB) could spot me in the crowd of screaming girls they might actually want to hang out with me. Now, my parents were always there at the shows with me (Thanks, Mom and Dad!), so I'm not sure if they would have come along or let me be a big girl at the age of 10 and hang with them all by myself...but my little girl eyes didn't think very rationally when it came to the New Kids On The Block. So, when Hanson came into existence, my heart couldn't take all the time and energy to be a fan. Plus, I was going to college. I was practically a woman at this point.

I never thought much about Hanson except that there were younger girls experiencing the same addiction and disappointment of ever meeting, becoming friends, or girlfriends with these kids.

Fast Forward - 6 years. And we are at the end of 2003. Ryan and I had been married for a couple of months, and he came home from working at the studio with some shocking news.

Ryan - "You'll never believe who I saw on The Sharon Osbourne Show today."
Kari - "Who?"
Ryan - "Do you remember Hanson? They were on the show singing stuff from a new album. They're all grown up, and they sound good. I bought their new acoustic album. It should be here soon."

We waited a few days for the cd. Ryan took it and listened first. He had discovered them, and I wasn't quite sure of it all. Then, it was my turn. And I've been forever changed. I love music and all, but I'm not real obsessed with music as a whole. As long as it makes me feel good, then I like it. Honestly, there are days that I drive to work and it's completely quiet in the car. Yes, there are the moments when I need some good music to rock out to. Certain moments require certain music. I've already started a play list of music for our birth in my head. But overall, I'm a bit indifferent. Off the top of my head, I can't tell you what The Who sang or too much about The Rolling Stones. But I proudly admit that when it was my turn to receive the Hanson acoustic album, it stayed in my car cd player for nearly a YEAR. That's pretty much all I listened to for an entire year.

Then, the new Underneath rock album came. And some dvds. A few concerts. And the newer album The Walk.
Living in Nashville people are always going to shows. There are tons of shows every night, but Ryan and I have only been to about 4 shows in 5 years. Three of which have been Hanson.

It's so different for me than New Kids On The Block. I'm not waiting in line in hopes that Jordan Knight will sing that one solo song "Baby, I Believe In You." Because when he sang that song, he wore black pants and white shirt unbuttoned and this powerful fan (which I could never find) would blow his shirt open and away from his body. For some reason at the age of 10, I wasn't too concerned with hearing the music.

Now with Hanson, Ryan and I are in agreement that their music is awesome. They harmonize so well...probably partly because they're brothers and have been singing together since they were born. You can tell that they truly enjoy creating and playing music. They're doing some great things with their work. The Walk album helps bring light and help to HIV/AIDS and poverty in Africa. With Tom's Shoes, they are giving us the opportunity to help provide shoes for people in Africa. And when their tour comes into town, you can be apart of Taking The Walk. When you walk with them, they give money to one of 5 charities for you showing up and walking. The charities help provide education and well-building to these places in Africa.

All of those great things, and Ryan and I also agree that their shows are so high-energy. It's not the cable hoverboards from shows like the Backstreet Boys or pyrotechnics, fireworks, and choreographed danced routines. Those things don't exist at Hanson shows. Just the three brothers and a couple of other guys playing all the music they can play for one show. And I wouldn't call it a sing-a-long, but they do get the crowd involved in singing with them to fill the music like you hear on the cd. We always have a great time at the show. And I'm not concerned with what they're wearing or if I'll get to meet them. The music is what keeps bringing me back.

Their website is
If you're interested in trying them out, I would suggest Underneath Acoustic as a start. Then, Underneath Rock album, and The Walk is great as well. I think there's a new one in the works too.

Now, that I've given my Hanson spill. We did see them last week in Nashville and convinced Jim and Choyer to come tickets - who could resist? Here are some photos from the show.

Baby Jenkins' first concert. The baby would just kick and kick.

Real men enjoy Hanson!

Taylor and Zac Hanson

Isaac Hanson

Some of their acoustic stuff.


Anonymous said...

What about the resurrection of New Kids on the Block? We fondly remember those days. Standing in line before daybreak to get tickets. Going to Grant Field and wherever else (cannot remember) We don't rember the venue. We do remember Vanilla Ice and what happened thne next day. Love, Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Ryan and Daniela have a beautiful baby. We can't wait for another beautiful baby in February. Love, Mom and Dad