Thursday, October 23, 2008

Finally! We've Registered

So we finally bit the bullet and registered for baby stuff. If you are interested in seeing what we need or are one of those out there that need Christmas ideas, take a look.

We did research, asked a lot of friends, and Kari even read Consumer Reports for Baby Products. Even with all of that, it was still time consuming and a bit overwhelming. It's hard to think we'll have a baby in a few months and all of this stuff hanging around the house. Thank anyone in advance for anything we receive. It sort of feels weird to just make a list and then ask everyone to go buy stuff for us. But on that note, keep your eye out for that digital camera at Target. I had to choose between that or a 90 inch plasma tv...... ;-) (just kidding).

You can go to Target or Babies-R-Us or click the links above to view it online. Some products are not available online at Target or Babies-R-Us though. is a website that you can set up a registry and register for anything you can purchase online. For Baby Jenkins it's anything from a baby food maker to a Pittsburgh Steelers snuggle ball. When you go to the website, type in Kari Jenkins to search for our registry. Then when you click on a product to purchase, it will take you to the website the product is from. From there you can order the product just as you would anything else online.


Funky Cold Medinas said...

Kari: I was quite excited to get your shower invite...I'll be there with bells on, though it's hard to figure out a gift when said baby Jenks is still sexless (well, protecting his identity, that is). Haven't rsvp'd yet 'cause I thought I was having out of town company, but I'm not. Will be weird to be back at Flat Creek, fo' sure.

Rachael said...

MyRegistry rocks. We used it for our wedding, too.