Wednesday, October 08, 2008

5 Year Anniversary Weekend Extravaganza!!

If you keep up with our blog, then you might have read Ryan's anniversary blog. I'm usually the one who writes, but he was sneaky and slipped one in on us all. I ditto what he says...not about myself, but about how amazing it is to be married to someone so wonderful. I enjoy living my life with him and am reminded regularly how blessed I am to have someone like him for my husband and the father of my children.

For our 5 year anniversary, we decided to stay in Nashville and isolate ourselves. Most of you know that Ryan has been working 2 jobs since February, so time with each other is to be cherished. This year, we were able to spend 4 days together, and it was so much fun.

Ryan knew I wanted some of my old movie favorites on DVD, so he gave me The Karate Kid series as a gift. He also gave me Juno and Baby Mama. We spent 4 days hanging out watching Daniel Laruso and Mr. Miyagi. On our anniversary, I made him a "Choose Your Own Adventure" Book, and he chose the majority of the day.I won't take the credit for the originality. Maranda gave me the idea, and our friend, Galit, gave it to her. So, if you're ever curious about how to set it up, let me know and I'll pass the fun along.

One of the adventures was the activity, he ended up choosing to explore space which led us to The Adventure Science Center. I posted some pics from the Science Center. You'll get a good laugh at the photo of me as the computer aged me to 72 years of age with and without the use of sunscreen. I'm not so sure if it was a good thing for Ryan to see my photo proposal at the age of 72. I'll definitely continue to wear sunscreen. I opted that over smoking because I thought it wouldn't be as dramatic. Not quite sure if that worked out well.

We also went to The Melting of my favorite special occasion restaurants and gave Ryan Steelers/Titans tickets for December.

We had a great anniversary and few days to enjoy each other. Chaco loved it too because we were all home together. As we went back to work, we tried to figure out what we could do and spend more time together. I guess we'll become farmers one day. Who knows? I probably should try growing herbs or tomatoes first.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds as if you two had a great time on your 5th anniversary. I particularly liked the progression of age pix, Kari. It bears a resemblance to some family members. Love, Mom and Dad