Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our Chimney Sweep

We were on The Farm for Halloween. Neem, Pappy, and Ryan were going to take River to Spring Hill for trick or treating, but he had a melt down as they drove away from the birthing house. He wasn't sure why everyone was leaving Mommy and Baby behind. Ryan turned the car around, and we decided that he would go trick or treating on The Farm instead.

River's favorite movie is Mary Poppins, so he was a chimney sweep for Halloween. River doesn't like dressing up, so we had to trick him. Ryan got him ready in the car, told him he was putting "lotion" on his face, and he thought he was wearing his favorite hat. When they got back to the birthing house, we showed him a mirror and he was startled.

Jamina came down and stayed with Wren and me while everyone else went trick or treating. It was nice to have a friend to come and hang with me while everyone loaded up on candy.

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