Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kari, Wren, and Family Belly Photos

We had our good friend Jamina come out to the house and take some pictures of Kari while she was still pregnant with Wren. We put together a little slideshow of the best pics.
Thank you Jamina for being patient with two un-photogenic adults and a wonderfully photogenic, but hyper 2 year old little boy!


Callie said...

beautiful photos! These should still be hanging on your wall in 25 years.

Neem and Pappy said...

Enjoyed the photos. Glad you have a new computer. We are most anxious to show our grand darlings to family and friends. We feel so lucky with all of our grandchildren. Neem and Pappy

Martha said...

Good pics!! Your friend is very talented, but she did have some great subjects to work with!!