Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's SNOW Much Fun!!!

Nashville doesn't get a lot of snow. Usually by lunch the dusting called snow is gone. The meteorologists were calling for 1 - 6 inches for a week...even the night before it was still going to be an inch. Well, like the weather report said as it was coming down, "It is a little underwhelming." Underwhelming, eh?! I could have used another inch or so, but it did make for some beautiful scenery and a few good sled runs. I'm glad that I took my parents up on the offer for our childhood sled this summer.

The first couple of days River, Chaco, and I stayed at my parents. I knew getting stuck at our house would be treacherous. The infamous weather word. But Ryan's parents were coming in on Friday. Ryan checked our driveway on his way home. He met us down by the lake and drove us home. It snowed pretty much all day Saturday too. Yay for snow!!

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Mama Callie said...

the picture of you on the sled is AWESOME! I hope we get to visit you soon:)