Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ho! Ho! Ho!

We literally just finished celebrating Christmas a couple of days ago! Without further ado, here are some pictures from River's First Christmas Season!

His first present came at the end of November. His second cousins, Callum and Katie, sent him a something all the way from California. He had so much fun opening his first real gifts.

Christmas with The Boyz! River's godparents loaded River up with tons of clothes and a toy for bath time. You'll definitely see him styling in the pictures after these. Thanks, Uncle Choyer and Uncle Jim.

Grandma sent River The Night Before Christmas with her voice as the recording. When he opened the book and her voice started, he started flipping the pages and searching behind the book for her. He loved it! Ryan probably loved it too...hearing his mama's voice.

The real Night Before Christmas...River was getting awfully nosy. I think if we didn't let him open his presents the next morning, Chaco and River would have planned an overthrow. It looks like they were already working out something.

And then it was CHRISTMAS!! I still can't believe it, but we didn't take any pictures of the three of us. And my entire family was together for Christmas, and we didn't take any pictures. I think my parents got some, so I'll try and add those in soon.

Grandma and Granpap came on the 8th of January and finished off the Christmas Celebration!

Great PawPaw made River his very own POTTY....complete with a magazine rack and toilet paper holder. We tried to give him some helpful tips for moving things along in the a book, talk on the phone, or have a sip of water. He now has his very own throne!!!

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