Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Boy and His Trains

River has this diaper rash that we have been working to get rid of for about a month. For some reason, he has this rash that is giving us all a run for our money. Well, a doctor visit and a couple of medications later and we're still working on it. We tried the old air out method for a couple of days. A garbage bag, blanket, towel, washcloth, some toys, and a warm fire, and we were ready. A couple of accidents, but he did alright. Dada did get his shirt sprayed. I snapped a few of these incriminating photos. The montage is what I like to call....A Boy and His Trains!


Funky Cold Medinas said...

Did the doctors have you try "lotrimin" (think it's male jock itch cream, so it was rather weird to buy it) sister-in-law recommended it for a really bad case for Gideon, and it worked wonders!

Eilas Photography said...

Mine always got bad rashes when they were cutting molars. For some reason it changes their saliva and it's more acidic.
He's so cute!! Hope you're doing well.