Friday, August 14, 2009

Virginia is for Family

River made his first trip to Virginia last weekend to see family. I had a rare 4 days off in a row and Kari and I mulled over sitting at home and relaxing for a change or trying to make the trip to Virginia to introduce River to my side of the family.
It had been 3 years since I visited VA. Life's business got the best of me. So we decided to attempt the 8 hour car ride broken into two days and make a little speed visit up north.
River did wonderful in the car ride. Each day was around 4 hours, give or take some. He only fussed the last hour of the last day on the way home.
I don't think he has ever been passed around so much. I almost put him in a little football outfit and just handed him off to everyone that passed by. Play-action River. (that's a football term)
It didn't seem to bother him too much that he was getting tossed around like a hot potato either. He just went with the flow. I guess he knew it was all just family.
So here are some pics from our little jaunt to Virginia.

This is my parents garden. We helped pick some luscious veggies to eat.

Great Aunt Susan

Cousin Brandy, Cousin Sadie, Great Aunt Kim, and Grandma

Cousin Sadie getting some practice for her baby sister coming soon!

Cousin Reed

Some evening relaxing time with Grandma and a nice book.

The next morning we went to the locally famous Blue Collar Joe's Doughnuts. My mouth is salivating right now just thinking about them!!

Great Maw Maw

Great Paw Paw. This is where River got his middle name Morgan!

Aunt Jody and Cousin Morgan

Cousins CJ, Morgan, and Mikey

Uncle Chris looking like a seasoned pro

Meeting my Grandpaw J for the first time

Aunt Haley

Grandmaw J

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