Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Day of Reckoning!!

Well, it's August 1st...The Jenk Adventure's Day of Reckoning we're calling it. It's the beginning of our journey to become DEBT-FREE!! It should be a wild ride for sure.

Over the nearly 6 years we've been married, we have managed to get our debts down to one. One lonely but huge debt that we are about to tackle......those student loans.

Starting today, we're going to live on a TIGHT budget. Hopefully, we'll be able to live off of Ryan's income and use what I make to add on to the monthly payment. We thought we would let our family and friends know what we're doing for accountability, encouragement, and support.

Here are some of our ground rules...
1) We can only spend $30 a month on eating out.
2) Our gift budget has dwindled down to $30 as well. Sorry, loved ones!
3) The entertainment side of things...well, it has to be FREE!
4) My grocery allowance...every 2 weeks, I get it in cash and I can't use the card. So when we're out, well....we have to get creative.

That hits some of our basics. We'll keep everyone posted on our journey to have peace in our lives financially.

Since it is the Day of Reckoning, I've also started it as the Day I Begin Getting My Body Back....Stay tuned for a post on that later....


Mama Callie said...

That's great! We are very supportive of debt-free! Love you guys--the sacrifices will be worth the freedom on the other side.

Layne said...

You can do it! It won't always be pretty but the end result will be! Congrats on your decision!