Monday, August 04, 2008

NFL - Shows up everywhere.

Today- Maranda and I were meeting with the guy who will be setting up our merchant (credit card) services for work. I got his name from Choyer who uses them and is very pleased. So, I called a few weeks ago and from an hour phone conversation felt like his company would be the right choice. He taught me so much about how the credit card transactions work. He's very personable and seems trustworthy. We've passed a few emails back and forth, but today he came in to meet with us.

Our meeting lasted nearly two hours. Like I said, he's very personable. We talked, and he shared stories about his wife and kids. I really enjoyed meeting with him. We signed the papers, and he was finishing up one of his last stories. By this time, I was very hungry and had started to slouch in my chair from all the business and story telling - zoning out for sure...when I heard him say he was from Cincinnati.

As a die-hard Steelers fan, those words perked me up. Could this kind man love my rival?!! Certainly, not. But he's from Cincinnati - he has to be. As my mind went back and forth, I knew I couldn't let him leave without asking. I just needed to know if I was doing business with a Bengals fan. I wiggled and squirmed in my chair and asked him if I could pose a simple question (definitely before we shook hands).

"Since you're from Cincinnati, does that make you a Bengals fan?"

He smiles and seems to enjoy my question. "Yes, of course."

He can tell by the look on my face and my body language that I wasn't thrilled. He tries to stutter his way out of it by saying he's a Titans fan these days as well. And he can still tell that I'm not satisfied. He asks me - "Are you a Cleveland fan?"

"No," I speak firmly and forwardly...suggesting he try again.

"What other rival do you have that would make us doing business questionable?"

"Steelers," he lets quietly slip off his tongue.


Then, we proceed to discuss Chad Johnson's role as a player and Carson Palmer's anger towards the Steelers. He just had to get in that the Steelers broke his leg on purpose during the playoffs a couple years back in order to kick them out.

"Well, that's your side." I laugh. "Good thing I've already signed those papers."

We continued to joke for awhile. He fills me in on his bestfriend being a Steelers fan (trying to win me back, obviously). He admits that when the Titans are playing the Bengals, he cheers for the Titans. Hmmm, I think to myself...well, then he couldn't be too much of a fan. I guess business will be ok. I tried to remember how much I liked his business before I knew his dark secret, and I reassured myself everything will be alright. We shook hands and both silently understood that we both love NFL Football, and I'm sure he knows deep down that the Steelers are the best. I know he felt it in my handshake. Next time I serve him water, it will be in a Steelers cup.

Here we go Steelers! Here we go!!

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Anonymous said...

Can we still be Falcons fans when we move up there? Dad and Mom