Monday, August 11, 2008

Is That Poo On Your Face?!!

Would you be so happy if you had poo on your face first thing in the morning?!!
Dogs are awesome.

This morning I let Chaco outside. She was crying to go and out she went. When I let her back in, it took me a couple of minutes to notice some "dirt" on her face. Thinking it was funny and imagining what she would have been doing to bust into some serious dirt, I giggled and thought we must go show your daddy.

We went into the bedroom and thank goodness I caught her before she planted onto the bed...I raised her up to show Ryan her "dirt" mishap and then "the wiff of Lucifer" crossed my nose...."Oh gaw. Ryan it's poo!" Trusting my heightened sense of smell, he thought it was time for a bath. We came up with a few different stories of how exactly poo was smashed into her white neck, but Chaco wasn't handing over any answers.

So, Ryan and I started our much anticipated day together washing poo off the dog. The pleasures of having a furry child. Chaco didn't seem to mind, so I guess we'll let it go too.


Ryan & Daniela said...

at least Chaco rolls in poop...our dog Bruno eats it!! yeah!

Anonymous said...

We all get this on our face and elsewhere occasionally. Mom and Dad