Monday, August 04, 2008

I Love Another Man!!

Yes. It's true. Ryan knows about it, and he's ok with it.
It probably helps that he's just 6 months old.

If you've been keeping up with our blog, then you know my bestfriend, Jody, had a baby boy, Bodie, back in January. I was there the evening he was born, but I hadn't been around him since. I've been keeping up through pictures and phone calls. Jody, being true to her adventuresse (check February's blog to find out what an adventuresse is) self, packed up and brought Bodie up here to Nashville last week for a visit. When they arrived, I felt like I was meeting him for the first time. And he is something else. He's so adorable and good little man at that. I asked him if he wouldn't mind speaking to the little one growing in my belly and offer suggestions on how to be so cute and so good. I guess we'll see how he did in due time.

I enjoy watching my friends be parents. They are so good at it. They've all blown me away as they become mamas. Watching their transition and how they get in this flow of motherhood brings me into this state of awe. Jody and I had so much fun. The first evening Jody was preparing the rice cereal and discussing something to the effect/affect?? of how the whole feeding thing is tedious and how she's still in the process of figuring it all out (it was something like that - "pregnesia" as i call it has caused me to forget the details). Right after she had taken the time to brew up and concoct this yummy rice cereal/applesauce thing, she turned away to get something and Bodie reached over and flipped the bowl onto the floor. SPLAT!! - ever so nicely cereal and applesauce splayed out across the floor. Bodie's Masterpiece. I'm sure he was entertained as two women on their hands and knees at his feet clean and wipe up the floor. We just laughed.

Like I said, I'm totally having pregnesia, so I've kind of forgot what we did. We talked and talked. Played with Bodie. I showed her my work. We visited a friend who lives up here who had also just had a baby. We cooked dinner. We watched a movie. We had special Popsicles - Las Palatas. We went out to dinner and had pizza. We drank coffee. And of course, reminisced.

Bodie enjoying Uncle Shooter's Camelback

I'm so glad they came to visit. It flew by. On Friday morning, I admit I teared up at breakfast and our goodbye. It's been five years since we've been in different states, and we questioned when or if it would ever get any easier. We didn't come to a conclusion.

On a lighter note, I must share another humorous story. After bath time, Jody was drying Bodie off on the bed with his cute hooded towel when I hear - "Oh no!" Walking in the room, I had just missed his sprinkler spraying all over the bed. Another time for laughter!

I don't know how to end this blog, so I'll just stop typing.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good visit. Bodie is a very cute child. Glad you enjoyed the visit. Mom and Dad

Sundance Jessie said...

I love my Adventuresse! Bodie sure does love his Aunt Daisy and Uncle Shooter too. (He told me so before he went to bed tonight.) Can't wait to see you again!