Sunday, March 30, 2008

"You Know" is the new "Um"

Last night Ryan and I were hanging out with some friends. They were asking me some childbirth and doula questions.
After we left, Ryan and I were talking about how I did. I asked him to honestly critique me. Most of the time when I meet with families I'm on my own but because they're good friends Ryan was with us. He mentioned that I did a great job and he's amazed of the knowledge I have on childbirth, but he noticed that I say, "You know" - A LOT. I never noticed that I did that. He says it seems like I do that when I don't complete a sentence or just fill the space like....the word - Um.
As we were driving home, I began to notice when I said it. Then, Ryan realized he was doing it too. Ryan admitted that it's a bad habit he developed a long time ago, and in 5 years I've picked it up too.
Now, we have a game to help us stop saying You Know so much. It's real simple. Whenever the words "You Know" comes out of one of our mouths, we gently poke the other person with our index finger. It's quite entertaining to say the least. It's a habit I'm trying to nip in the bud (Is that the expression or did I totally mess that up?).
So, if I'm talking with you, feel free to point out my "You Knows" all you want. It's a funny game I've decided to play. And I know that my friend, Jamina, will have a field day with my new tick I'm trying to end. I'm the one that pointed out hers which was a fast-paced, side-to-side motion she did with the tip of her tongue on her top lip when she was thinking. Obviously, since I said "was" her tick, she became aware and quit. But I do miss the fascinating tick. I wonder if people will miss mine.


Steve Miller said...

So, it's like, um, you've got some problem with, you know, filler words?

Anonymous said...

You know we know someone who also has little sayings. Have you heard someone say "I love you but," and "I am going to be honest with you."? We could not think of anything the man of the house says, you know. We love you. Mom and Dad.