Monday, March 10, 2008

Motorcycle Gang

We went on our first ride with our motorcycle gang this afternoon! We're a bunch of wild bandits. You wouldn't want to mess with us. To be initiated, you have to agree to go on an adventure with us at some point. We initiated the first two members of our biker gang last spring on a trip to Alaska. Jim and Choyer started asking me about motorcycles a while back and I just answered questions for them. After watching a motorcycle movie called Long Way Around, I got a call from Choyer saying "want to go motorcycle shopping?" Kari and I went motorcycle shopping with them one weekend, two weekends later I was taking a rider safety course with them and two weeks after that they had their license and we were at the store again shopping for bikes. Sure enough they bought two wheelers and now my motorcycle has two friends!
We went on a ride all together for the first time today down the Natchez Trace. We stopped after about 45 miles and had a snack under the trees then headed back. Causin' trouble...that's what this biker gang is doing. Eating apples on a scenic parkway pull off.

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