Friday, November 26, 2010

Playin' In The Dirt

Now that it is not 100 degrees outside, River has been playing out of the house more. We have began perfecting the art of baby proofing the inside of the house but didn't think about the outside of the house, so needless to say, River found the first thing to make a mess.
Fortunately, we don't mind. He is a little boy. It's in his nature to get dirty and make a mess. I know he sure had fun doing it. We just don't always enjoy the clean up afterwards.

I am a living dirt tornado!!

Sometimes it's just nice to be out of my pants, playing my kazoo, and kicking around some dirt on the porch.

Mom doing the hard work of cleaning up my mess

Help! I'm in a wooden jail!

My Mommy and Daddy let me roam around the yard now that all the bugs are gone.

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