Saturday, November 27, 2010


Yes. Halloween Pictures a month later...
And our blog is out of order because when you start one that's where it lines up, but I figure most of you get that Halloween is before Thanksgiving. Just bare with us. We're always a couple of months off it seems.

I bought River a monkey suit, but after a couple of tries and crying, I decided to take it back. Maybe when he's older he'll like dressing up. Last year he was a cowboy, and this year a farmer who refused to wear his hat.

We carved pumpkins with the Sams.' It's a running tradition we've had for 7 years. I think we missed one year. But it's a tradition we always enjoy.

Ben and Melanie brought the girls over to my parents, and we had dinner and trick or treating. Ryan had to work this year, so we missed him! But we did have a blast watching the kids get excited about the candy and looting the houses that left candy on the porch for self-service.

River and Addie

Three Pumpkins Later...

Karis giving her best mad pumpkin face.

"I don't want to hear a hat!"

Cleaning up the sidewalk before his lady friends arrive for trick or treating

And we're off for a night of candy!!

Exhausted from all the fun!

Halloween PJ's and mismatched socks

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Anonymous said...

We enjoyed the blog. You did a great job. The pictures are wonderful. We are so proud of our family. Mom and Dad