Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Time

We've had a busy summer! We've blogged about the flood, our trip to Oregon, and our niece, but with The Jenk Adventure it seems like there's always more.

We planted a garden this summer. We work out there A LOT!! We have everything from Green Beans, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, to Swiss Chard and Squash out the Wa-Zoo and on and on. We might should have started a little smaller, but I'm really enjoying it.
I've been attending births and teaching childbirth classes.
Ryan's parents came for a visit this summer.
We've been hanging out at the Y; our Y has a water park. River loves it!
We've been to the Zoo.
We spent the 4th of July with my parents.
My aunt and one of my cousins came for a short visit.
We just got back from visiting my best friend from High School. I'm glad that we still do things together. We had a great time!

River is walking now and learning new things all the time. He loves singing and Amanda, my bf, taught him how to "fist bump" a few days ago. People ask, "What's his personality like?" Well, he's sensitive and shy at first. He's very silly and curious. We are still in such awe of him! We love him so much and can't believe he's ours.

Here are some photos...

Our Wild Man trying to feed Chaco.

Our Hike to Burgess Falls State Park

Mr. Corn on the Cobb

Where's the Meerkat, Grandpap?

I can't believe these goats are Mama's favorite!

"Say Cheese," Grandma!

Grandma and Grandpap bought him a Splash Mat!!

"Hiiiiii-yah! Take that, H20!"

Look how long my spit is!

Thanks, Fisher Price!

Grammy and Pappy at the fireworks

It was getting pretty late. River wasn't interested.

Sleepy Boy!

Oh Wait! Maybe it is kinda cool.

Wow! That's pretty awesome.
I hate shoes!!

Amanda (Knubbie) and Kari (Puddie) and our little Knoggins!!

Baby Hayes

River was trying to impress his lady

No Diving In The Pool!!!

Do I look crazy to you?


"I found a magic stick!"

Out for a stroll

Down the slide!

Thank you Amanda for the ride down the slide!

Wake up!

Watching cartoons....mesmerizing!

Cuddled up! That's what I call a good morning!

Uh Oh! They caught us!

Let's take Chaco for a walk!

Now it's my turn!

River loves watermelon! Really he loves anything he can eat with his hands.


A selection from our garden. It has been a lot of hard work this summer!

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Abby Sebastian said...

Just love you sweet family! River is growing up so happy & healthy and obviously loved by many! Congrats to you three!
Love, Ms. Abby