Sunday, July 04, 2010

Our Niece!

Derek, Mandy, and Mallory

Mallory Grace Teal

I think we are forever a month or two behind in blogging, but we blog nonetheless...

Our family keeps growing and that's one of the amazing things about getting older and starting new families! My brother, Derek, and his wife, Mandy, had a little girl on June 8th! Her name is Mallory Grace Teal.

My parents, River, and I all stuffed in my parent's car and made the trip to Charleston. We actually arrived just in time for Mallory's birth! We spent a couple of days in awe of her. I hope to get back in September and love on her even more. Fingers crossed.

It's wonderful to watch my brother become a father. I knew he would be good at it! One of my favorite moments was when we first saw her from the nursery window. And we all watched as Derek doted over his new girl. We told each other how beautiful she was.

I will say that we make some cute babies.

Our first glimpse of the newest family member

River: "What?! I've got a cousin? Let me see her!"

"Whatchu talkin 'bout, Willis?"

Yes, River. He will annoy for the rest of your life. He's your uncle.

Pappy and Mallory

Grammy and Mallory

The grandparents!

Aunt Kari and Mallory, my sweet niece.
We'll do lots of fun things together, Mallory. (wink. wink.)

Who would have ever thought that we would have kids?

The generations continue...

The new family

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