Friday, July 17, 2009

The Teals New Home

If you haven't heard already, Kari's parents are building a home in Tennessee! They will be living in Spring Hill, TN which is about 20 minutes south of downtown Nashville. This is where Kari and I built a house 5 years ago and lived for a while.
We went out to look at the progress on the house yesterday afternoon and were amazed at the speed in which they had put down the foundation, frame, brick, roof, and siding. It has only been 3 weeks or so and all of that work has already been finished. They will be doing the insulation and drywall in the next week.
Here are some pictures of the house up to this point. Don't be jealous of our sexy hardhats. They are very fashionable.

The Hard Hat Pose

This is it!

River didn't have to wear a hard hat!

The Kitchen

Living Room out to Patio

Living Room out to Front Door

Up the stairs

Large Bonus Room

Side and Back of house

Front of house

Bonus Pictures!!

River J, the coolest cat around.

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Anonymous said...

We love the Teal's new home. Ryan, you did an excellent job with the pictures and comments. We appreciate your hard work. Larry and Janice