Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A River J Update!

It has been quite a while again since you have seen pictures of River. We have been moving, getting settled, and living without internet for a while. I have been getting comfortable with work and Kari has been diving into more work herself. Finally now on my days off aren't filled with house work or opening boxes or moving furniture.
River is getting comfortable with his new surroundings. Actually, he never really even knew we moved probably. We made his room look just like his room in our other house so he would make the transition easier. I realized soon after that he is only 5 months old and probably wouldn't care either way!
He is quite the growing kiddo! He is as long as a yardstick now it seems. And he is curious and concerned with what you are doing all the time. He laughs up a storm when he is tickled or when I pretend to bite him and he is grabbing and biting everything within his reach now. He tries to roll over, but his arms get in the way and he is just figuring out how to scootch on his back. He hugs his stuffed animals and loves touching. He talks baby talk alot, but when you want him to show off in front of a crowd, he will just stare at you. He's a little trickster, just like Kari predicted when he was in the womb!
Now for some pictures:
River is deffinitley not a car seat baby.

A good shot showing how long he is!

Just chillin in my crib.

Fathers Day!

My mommy dressed me up in this silly hat.

We'll try and take some more pics soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hug him for me. Wish I were there. Love, Pappy