Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Our Farm Visit

The horse we named Slim Shady during the workshop last summer.
He's always there to greet us!

We had our 6 week check up when River was 3 months old. Oops! Pamela, our midwife, said she actually liked it better that way anyway. It gave us more time to get adjusted. So, we took a day trip down to The Farm where River was born. We ate at The Farm Store (yummy...homemade vegetarian chili and pomegranete yogurt), hung out at the clinic, and spent time with Pamela and Jen. They checked River out and said he was perfect, and they checked me out and said I was doing well too. River = Perfect. Mama = Doing Well. She said I was still a little tender and healing. Then, we sat and talked about our postpartum period. Of course, she sat with us for a couple of hours and we felt loved and cared for like always.

The Farm Store. Yummy Food and Great People.

Bowl of Spicy Veggie Chili

Delectable Yogurt!

The Farm Clinic where we go for prenatal/postnatal care

Pamela, our midwife, lovin' on Mama and River J!

Our Birthing Cabin in the Spring

River had a long day!


Anonymous said...

So impressed with the birthing center at The Farm. Pamela is a very special person. Dad

Talina said...

We are staying in that cabin too (Pamela's cabin right?), we toured it with a few others and now I can't remember what all was in there.

Is there a microwave or a coffee maker? I am getting myself packed right now and am all confused about what to bring.