Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Nerd Crew

As most everyone knows, I left William Morris back in April to become a Park Ranger. We'll I wasn't too upset about leaving the field of Information Technology, but I was not looking forward to leaving the friends I had made there at Willy Moe.
My last day as an IT professional was April 24th. A bunch of my fellow employees went out to lunch with me to celebrate and commemorate. Well, I didn't know the fun was just beginning.
Kari told me she wanted to take me out to dinner that night to celebrate the transition. We had been talking about it for a couple of weeks. The day before I had been thinking about where to go and thought we could go to Waffle House! Why not? Cheap and easy! Just how I like my food!
Well, little did I know Kari had other plans. When I told her about Waffle House she suggested that we go to Gojo, our favorite restaurant. So I said that was great.
So that afternoon I get home and Kari meddles around a little in the house and we gather River and his things and head out he door. When we pull up to Gojo, I notice a car that looked like our friends 'Logan's car. I said, "hey, that looks like Logan's car!" Kari then fessed up and said that she had invited Logan. I said "cool!"
I opened the door to the restaurant and SURPRISE! Well, they didn't yell it like at a surprise birthday party, but it was deffinitley a surprise. There were a bunch of friends there from William Morris. The gang we lovingly called the "Nerd Crew". We would all get together during lunch at Willie Mo and watch funny tv shows like Flight of the Conchords.
We all sat around and talked and remenised and told jokes and ate ethiopian food. It was wonderful. I really felt special and thought it was amazing that my friends thought that much of me. Everyone should feel like the man of honor at some point!

Left to right: Ryan Jenkins, Stephanie Haymes, Jonathan Insogna, Elizabeth Young, Abi Baxendale, and John Gimenez.
Us with Logan, one of River's Devil-parents
River's God-parents, Choyer and Jim


The Caseys said...

Ryan! Jonathan Insogna is one of Ryan's friends from high school! He was a groomsman in our wedding! Small world:)

Anonymous said...

So happy for Ryan. I cannot wait to see our new home. Dad