Friday, January 16, 2009

Our Blessing Way and The Birth Bundle

We had our Blessing Way on Thursday night. Maranda and Jolynn ROCK! They created such a lovely, sacred gathering for Ryan, me, and Baby Jenkins.

A Blessing Way is a Native American tradition preparing and celebrating the mama and papa's transition to parenthood. Maiden to Mother, an amazing celebration I wish more Americans embraced. Hopefully, with more exposure to the tradition it will start happening. We had a potluck and NO gifts...just a time for some of our closest friends to get together and enjoy this time with us.

When people arrived, Maranda and Jolynn "smudged" everyone to clear any negative energy and create a very sacred space for the family and the gathering.

We all dined on some good vegetarian "eats" which when you get together with these women, I'm telling you, we dine like goddesses. Jamina made fresh "juice" cocktails for everyone before dinner. She's my juicing queen and taught me the ways of the juicer. I can't wait till Baby J gets here, and Mama can get back on the juicing train. I can't have apples, beets, and carrots because of the sugars. But I admit, I did have a little juice cocktail at The Blessing Way.

After dinner, the festivities began...Tristan and Jolynn made flowers for my hair. They brushed and pulled back my hair for me and placed the flowers in my hair...symbolizing my change to motherhood.

Choyer was, just in case they did a shoddy job, he was my back up. Luckily, the girls did well. Prom Hair, WATCH OUT!!! I kept wanting to go into Green Hills and tell them that Choyer did it. I thought it would drum up some business for him in that area. HA!

Maranda enjoys Henna and had the brilliant idea to let people Henna my belly. She started it off with the word, Love. One of her favorites.

Most people got in on the Henna Action. Misty got in on some of the design. Baby J was wigglin' around the whole night. He/She must be a true hippie. The little muffin enjoyed the henna.

While people took turns doing the henna, they passed around a bowl of beads. Everyone shared a blessing or two they wished for Ryan, me, and the baby. Then, they put their bead on a necklace for me to take and wear for the birth.

Logan wished for me to have an orgasmic birth. Crossing my fingers, dear Logan! And Becky is giving Baby J a special blessing. You can see Tonya in the picture trying to clean up her henna mess. Love her!!

Even after all this special treatment, Jolynn and Galit gave me a foot bath and massage.

Choyer, one of Baby J's godparents, got in on some henna while Galit gave me a nice shoulder massage. Even though she's now in midwifery school, she hasn't lost her magic massage hands.

I shared my Birth Bundle with everyone and closed it up there until the birth. Most of you know that I'm training to become a Birthing From Within childbirth mentor. One of the things they do for the program is create a birth bundle. There's supposed to be 3 items in the bundle, but I got a bit carried away and now have created a birth altar to set up during the birth process. But it's my birth, so I guess it's what I make it.

I'll tell you about the 3 main items though. I had to find a symbol of my connection with the other strong women who have given birth and the 300,000 women around the world that will be giving birth the same day. I chose a candle to burn for that one. The second item was to symbolize the father's I see Ryan, our relationship, our love for each other...I found a little lamb. Ryan is always so gentle and supportive of me...especially throughout the pregnancy. He's been up at all hours of the night massaging my hips or turning the shower head for me so the hot water can hit my back. He's always very selfless and gentle, and a lamb is what stuck out to me. The last item is a symbol of me and the baby working together during birth. I found a piece of rope and tied a knot to symbolize our interconnection in this process. I threw other items in my "birth bundle turned birth altar" such as a picture of Chaco, some birth art I've done, a LabOrinth I drew, some rocks, and some other important things to me.

The evening was so special for Ryan and me. I enjoy just hanging out with friends when there's no rush. I was so grateful people took time to come and chill out with us for the night and celebrate our baby with us. It was definitely an evening we'll cherish and remember as we become parents.

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Such sweet friends. LOVE the Henna belly.