Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Birth Music

The time is getting closer to Baby Jenkins' arrival, and we're starting to prepare ourselves by packing and getting some things in order.

We started working on a music/play list tonight. We just began at the top of our ITunes Playlist and put songs in a new list: Birth Lite (easy, feel good music), Birth Fun (a little rowdier...yes, there is some Hip Hop...who knows, I might need some to get my hips all relaxed), Birth Massage (some of my massage music), and then other random albums we like......YES, folks, Hanson will be included.

I'm putting it out there. If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations, we would love to get some input. And, No, Dad, I don't want to hear any Pipe Organs. Sorry!!

There doesn't need to be a theme of any sort...just music you love to relax to or have a good time to.


Nicole said...

I love Ben Folds for any occasion, also: Muse, Erik Satie, Bat for Lashes, Elbow, Guillemots and Sigur Ros.

Walsh said...

we listened to some celtic/rock music. Dont know if your into that kind of music. It is kinda like a mixture of bagpipes and metallica.
I can let ryan borrow the cd of you want, the band we like is the Kildares. Just use whatever music helps you relax. It really does help a lot.

Talina said...

Enya is very relaxing!